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How can I activate “Card Payment” for my eShop?

In order accept credit card payments, you can use Piraeus Bank or Eurobank gateways. You wil be able to receive payments via Maestro, Mastercard, American Express, Diners and Visa cards.

To connect to the Piraeus gateway:

You should contact the technical team of the bank at  [email protected] to inform them that you want to start accepting payments via credit card (for new eShops) or that you change eShop platform (for transfers to Papaki) and ask for the new credentials to log in to their live environment. Piraeus test environment has already been tested for the WooCommerce plans.

With your request you should also send:
1. Your Merchant ID if you already have it from the bank

2. Τhe following URLs

Where yourdomain is shown, you will insert your own domain name. Attention! If you use SSL, after its activation, you will need to insert https instead of http in the following URLs.

  • Website url : http(s)://
  • Referrer url : http(s)://
  • Success page : http(s)://
  • Failure page : http(s)://
  • Cancel page : http(s)://
  • Response method : GET
  • Your's server IP Address: No IP check - WooCommerce at

Attention: The checkout page in your WooCommerce site must be You should edit the permanent links of your site and th URL path to be exactly as it appears above.

To connect to the Eurobank gateway:

The urls you will need to connect to the Eurobank gateway are the following:

Website url: http(s)://

Referrer url: http(s)://

Success page: http(s)://

Fail/Cancel page: http(s)://

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