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gTLD owner email address confirmation

According to the new ICANN regulation, the email address of a gtld owner must be confirmed in the following cases:

1. New registration
2. Change of owner's info (Name, Surname or Email)
3. Domain transfer
4. Fail to receive the expiration warning sent 30 and 5 days before the domain expires.

Every time you make one of these actions for a gtld, a confirmation email is sent to the owner’s email address. You must confirm this information, within 15 days, by clicking on the link you will find in the email.

In your Control Panel, you can see the domains requiring confirmation. In the domain’s administrative environment a message will, also, be displayed informing you of the days remaining until the deactivation of the domain. During this time you can, still, manage your domain settings. If there is no confirmation within 15 days, the domain is deactivated. In this case you will not be able to change your domain settings. Once you confirm the owner’s email address, the domain will be activated again.

You will periodically receive reminder emails. However, you can, also,resend the email at any time through your domains administrative environment.

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