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Opencart Smtp authentication

In case you use a contact form on Opencart, to avoid sending spam, for security reasons it is good to activate outgoing mail authentication (SMTP authentication). You can do this by following the steps below:


1. Log in to the Administrator environment of Opencart for your site by entering, for example, the following address:

2. Select System and Settings and finally the blue pencil icon at the far right of the main window.



3. Go to the Mail tab and make the following settings:

- Mail Engine - Select SMTP

- Mail Parameters - Enter the email account, for example

- Hostname - State the hostname of your mail service along with the ssl:// or tls:// prefix. (usually ssl://mail.todomainsas)

- Username - Enter your entire email account, for example

- Password - Enter the password of your email account

- Port - For SSL/TLS select 465, for STARTTLS 586.

- Timeout - Select a value in seconds that will set the mission to fail.

- Finally, select the blue floppy disk icon at the top right of the main window to save your changes.

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