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What are Premium Domain Names?

The registries of the respective domain names have assessed that specific domain names have a greater value for those interested in registering them, therefore they are particularly desirable and show a higher demand.
For these reasons, they classify them as Premium Domain Names, which:

- they are usually shorter, simple and easy for the user to remember,

- consist of keywords that appear high in user searches (high search volume),

- strengthen a company's branding in a more targeted and effective way compared to other domains,

- they are considered of high investment value for anyone who registers any of them,

- have proven a strong web presence,

- show constant high traffic rates.

For all the above reasons, Premium Domain Names are offered by the Registries at prices commensurate with their value and are placed in a higher pricing category than the rest of the domain names with the same ending. Therefore, the registration and renewal price of Premium Domains is higher than other domains.

The process of searching, registering and renewing a Premium Domain Name, the method of payment and the management of the specific domains is no different from any other suffix.

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