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What is a domain name and why should I register it?

Domain Name is an online "address" that gives an individual or legal person the right to its exclusive use for the amount of time it has been registered for.

Domain Names have an extension (TLD) that indicates the country of origin or their content.
You can find all the extensions provided by Papaki here.

Once you have registered the domain, you can create a website that anyone can see when typing the domain on a browser (Mozilla, Chrome, Opera etc).
A domain name gives the visitor an idea about the website's content, services, products it might provide before they even see the actual page.
This way, you can advertise your company, create an e-shop or a personal blog that will practically represent your online identity and the name your customers and visitors will use to find you.

You can also create professional emails such as [email protected].

In order to register a domain name, you can follow the instructions described here.
First, you will have to verify the availability of your domain and proceed to registration as soon as possible. If it's not available, try searching for similar domain names, adding dashes, "playing around" with the name etc. 

The domain name is a crucial criterion for search engines as it defines the website's classification in the results. Your domain must be short and reflect the content, services and products of your page. Make sure that your domain consists of or contains keywords, which are used by search engines.

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