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How can I activate Papaki’s free DNS Hosting service?

1. For domain names registered at Papaki In order to activate Papaki's free DNS Hosting service for a domain you have registered at Papaki you need to follow these steps: 1. Log in your account at Papaki. 2. Click on the domain you wish to activate the service for. You will be transfered to the domains administration page. 3. Click "Enable" next to the "DNS Hosting Service". You will be asked to inform the nameservers. Go on with the procedure and add the nameservers. (if you already have the nameservers of a Hosting plan where you host you website, the website will stop appearing). The service will be activated and a window with the following options will open. You can automatically create the DNS records in order to easily connect your domain with the popular platforms such as Blogger, Gmail, website builder etc. If you want to create the records manually, then go to the "Advanced" tab and create the record you need in the respective field. 2. If your domain is registered to another registrar. Go to and follow the procedure. It's free for everyone!

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