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What does “domain in quarantine” mean?

A domain name goes into the state known as "quarantine" when it expires and for a specific period of time, depending on the domain TLD. The quarantine period for the most popular domain TLDs is: 

- For .GR domains 15 days 

- For .EU domains 40 days 

- For .COM domains 40 days 

The state "quarantine" means that despite the fact that the domain is not available to the general public, it is no longer in the possession of its former owner. However during this period, only the owner has the right to renew the domain. After the "quarantine period" the domain is free and available again to the general public for registration. (.COM domains are not always released after the quarantine state. Depending on their popularity, they enter into a second state called redemption.) 

Customers are advised to renew their domain names before entering the state of quarantine, so they can be sure that no extra costs will occur. For example, if a .EU domain goes in quarantine, the domain owner needs to pay not only the amount for its renewal, but also an extra fee for exiting the "quarantine" state. 

Check all extra fees and details for all TLDs in the comment box, below the domain pricelist table. 

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