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What is DNSSEC and how do I use it ?

DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) adds additional security to your domain names by adding digital signatures to their Domain Name System (DNS) information. 

This means that when a user types an DNSSEC-enabled address, the response he receives, that is, the site to which he is redirected to, is verified for his authenticity. 

To enable DNSSEC for any of TLD's supported in Papaki, you will need to enter specific DS (Delegation of Signing) records, which include DNS (Domain Name System) digital information. The information you need to enter to pass the appropriate registrations to your Domain Names can be obtained from your DNS provider if it supports DNSSEC.   

Once you have the DNS service enabled, log in to Papaki's control panel, click on the desired domain and select Edit to DNS service. 



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