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What is the Domains Market service from Papaki?

In case you wish to sell one of your domains, you can use the Domains Market subscription service.

You could insert your unused domains in the Domains Market list and thousands of users on the Papaki website could find your domain and make an offer.

Where will my domain appear, once i insert it in the Domains Market service?

Your domain will appear in the domain search results on Papaki.

It will also appear on the Domains Market list.

What are the costs for the Papaki Domains Market service?

The Domains Market service is a subscription which you could choose to activate for one year per domain for 4.90€/year, or you can activate it for an unlimited amount of time and for any number of domains for 299€ (one-time fee).

Does Papaki intervene in the domain selling process? 

The contact takes place between the domain owner and the buyer. Papaki does not intervene in any transaction or communication.

Also, the service has been promoted with offers and notifications through the website, social networks and the Papaki Newsletter, to thousands of customers and domain owners.

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