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Credits Use

What are credits and what’s their use?

The Papaki enables you to avoid the payment process every time you want to place an order. At any time, you can add Credits to the billing contact you use for your purchases. The next you make a purchase at Papaki, you can use the credits you have available in that billing contact. So, your order will be paid immediately.

You can have one or more billing contacts in your Papaki account. Each billing contact has a different credit balance available.

How are services paid using credits?

Select the service you want to order from Papaki. In the last step of the order select the billing information that you want to use for your billing documentation and then select "Credits" as your payment method.

You can only use the credits of the billing contact you selected for the specific order. Each billing contact in your account has a different credits balance available.

How the credits are invoiced?

Since the 9th of May 2016, you will not receive an invoice when adding credits to a billing contact. The invoice will be issued when you purchase/renew a service with those credits. The description and value of the issued billing documentation will refer to the purchased service.

What about the credits I already have an invoice for?

If you added credits to your account before the 9th of May 2016, they remain available for use by all your billing contacts with the same VAT. An invoice was already issued for these credits when you purchased them. At he beginning, there will be a transition period during which all customers will use the already-invoiced credits.

Εxamples for the use of already-invoiced credits:

Invoiced credits in your account before 9/5 Order value since 9/5 What billing document will I receive for my order?
€10.00 €8.00 No billing document is issued, it was issued when the credits were bought. Remaining invoiced credits 2,00€.
€10.00 €10.00 No billing document is issued, it was issued when the credits were bought.
€10.00 €12.00 A credits billing document for 2,00€ is issued. The 10,00€ were billed when bought.

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