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How can I contact Papaki?

In case you want to contact Papaki for information or help, you can use any of the contact methods below.

1. Phone.

You can contact us using any of the following numbers:
801 11 36624 (landline)
+30 2810 229000 (cellphone)
+30 211 800 3855

2.  Live Chat

You can contact us through Live Chat here. 

You can find our Support team’s working schedule here, when you can call or communicate through Live chat with one of our representatives.

3. Ticket. Request via email.

You can also open a written request (ticket) from your Papaki account, or send it directly from your email to [email protected].

4. Research articles in the Knowledge base

You can also find information regarding our services in the Knowledge base.  Use keywords and find information and articles about products, tutorials and useful advice.

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