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SSL installation and clear mixed content service

What does it include?

The SSL installation and clear mixed content service includes the implementation of the SSL certificate on your website so that it loads with HTTPS, not with HTTP.

More specifically, it will include:
1. Changing your page’s main URLs to https.
2. Redirecting from http to https.
3. Correcting and replacing the mixed content through Search and Replace of the URLs at the database.

The service does not include mixed content correction from plugin's or theme's dysfunction, external sources that do not support https or URLs that code have been added manually added to custom plugin or theme.

What is the difference compared to the basic SSL installation on the server?

By SSL installation on the server, we mean uploading the SSL files to the server and setting it so that the certificate can be used by the website. However, depending on the application you are using, some additional work could be necessary for the SSL to apply to the website and so that it runs smoothly on https.

The certificate installation service from Papaki costs 19.90€ per website (plus VAT) and it can be added to your shopping cart while purchasing the SSL on Papaki panel.
In case your hosting is on Papaki, you could install the SSL on your own, with the automatic procedure following this article . If your hosting is on another hosting provider, then you would use this article. 

What is mixed content?

Mixed content appears when a website is loaded through a safe HTTPS connection, but individual sources such as images, videos, CSS, Javascript etc. are loaded through a non-safe HTTP connection. It is called mixed content because HTTP and HTTPS content is loaded for the same page while the initial request was safe through HTTPS.

Modern browsers give warnings about this type of content, to indicate to the user that this page contains non-safe sources. In many cases, they stop this specific content from loading and consequently, it does not appear properly to the final user. 

How can I check if there is mixed content on my website?

You can use a tool such as, which will give you a full report of the URLs that are still loading with http.

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