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What is DNS Hosting Services?

You can activate the DNS Hosting service for FREE through your Control Panel, for every domain you have at Papaki, having your domain used as custom domain for services such as blogger, Google Apps etc.

What is DNS hosting?

The DNS hosting service translates a domain name into an IP, eg. the domain to the IP, which makes websites easily accessible online, by inserting into a browser just the domain, and not complicated characters. With this service you can create DNS Records, such as A records, MX records and CNAME records.

When do I need it?

The DNS hosting service allows you to use various Online web tools, under your domain name. For example,

1. You have a blog with Blogger(or other services such as WordPress, Wix, Weebly etc.), "", and you wish to have this Blog opening under your domain name,
2. You wish to activate Google Apps, in order to use the gmail server under your domain, by adding MX records.

Why should I use Papaki's DNS Hosting services?

1. It's free for all domain names, registered with Papaki or another registrar.

2. Easy to create and edit your records, through a user friendly Control Panel.

3. Safe and reliable Nameservers.

4. Supports any TLD.

5.Free technical Support by Papaki's support department.

How do I activate the DNS hosting for my domain

1. Go to

2. Follow the activation procedure for any domain registered with Papaki or another registrar.

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